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Spartanburg SC Water Treatment Plant
Provides Clean Water and Hydropower

Since 1926 the Simms Water Treatment Plant in Spartanburg SC has been powered in part by energy generated through the release of water – hydroelectric power. Read More about
Spartanburg Water Treatment Plant


Compacting Machine
Required a Re-gripping

Unless the manufacturer could get both arms of the machine to compact at the same time, the whole process was not going
to work. Read More about Compacting Machine Re-gripping.


Pumping Oil In
Egypt's Desert

An oil pipeline pumping station in Egypt required four complete skid packages engineered and fabricated to pump crude oil.
Read More about Pumping Oil in Egypt's Desert.


Turbine Generator
Upgrade for Boston

The City of Boston drinking water travels a long way from Western Massachusetts with a brief slow down in Clinton to generate some electricity. Read More about the Turbine Generator Upgrade.


Pretty in Pink
Means Safety

The hydraulic power units and valve stands had to be painted pink to meet safety regulations and had to provide control for the massive new steel mill. Read More about the Pink Hydraulic Power Units.


Sorensen Flies High
To Test Aircraft Parts

Defense contractors rely on Sorensen Systems for design/build of complex test stands used in aerospace applications.
Read More about the Testing of Aircraft Parts.


Replacing Steam With
Bio-Diesel on the Mountain

Nineteenth century technology had to make way for 21st century technology to meet environmental and economic realities for a unique tourist attraction. Read More about Bio-Diesel on Mountain.


Docking the Yacht
Was Never Easier

When it's time to bring the ship into the dock, it's as easy as a flick of a button to enter "docking" mode and using fingertip control. Read More about the Joystick Docking Control.


Blower Control Package
Smoothes Gas Distribution

The town of Keene, NH, decided to upgrade from a gravity fed municipal propane gas distribution to a pressurized system. Read More about the Blower Control Package.


Water Reliability
Requires Control

In the event of an earthquake, the residents of San Diego are assured that the dam and reservoir will hold and will provide needed water reserves. Read More about Hydraulics Control for Gates.


Keeping Cool Keeps
Weapons at Ready

The Missile Defense Agency press release stated that the transportable radar surveillance unit was designed for ballistic missile defense. Read More about Weapons Cooling.


No Rapids on This
Tourist Ride in Texas

The City of San Antonio invested in improvements to its famous River Walk attraction, which included a longer ride with gates and locks to lift the boats. Read More about PLC Driven Control.


US Navy Needed
New Test Stand

When the Navy decided to test its new ship board radar configuration it needed a rigorous motion simulator. Read More about the Multi-Axis Motion Platform.


Hydroelectric Plant
Requires Innovation

Finding electricity where clean water is being stored for Boston required innovative thinking and Sorensen Engineered System's design/build talents. Read More about the Hydroelectric Plant.


Existing Water Flow
Generates Electricity

The drinking water in Keene, NH, pauses briefly to generate electricity through an energy recovery system. Read More about the Water-to-Wire System Installation.


Tourist Footbridge
Needed a New Lift

The Perkin's Cove tourist footbridge in Ogunquit, ME, needed a refurbishment, which included power systems and controls.
Read More about Footbridge Lift at Perkin's Cove.





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  Who Knew that Pink
Meant Hydraulics?

When the specification said the machine was to be painted pink, who knew there was more than one pink? Pink Hydraulic Power Units

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