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The test stand included LabVIEW software and electronic devices that were integrated into the structural aluminum machine frame.


Critical machine components included flow meters, pressure gauges, heaters, proportional 3-way valves, high watt power supply and a custom fluid tank.


The test stand was designed to simulate the full range of environmental conditions that would be encountered at high altitudes and under adverse conditions


Sorensen Systems Designed & Built
Aerospace Fluid Control Test Stand

High Altitude Aircraft Application

Partnering with a well-known instrument and testing controls manufacturer, Sorensen Systems helped design and build specialized testing equipment for a cooling pump installation destined for high altitude aircraft applications. In the critical aerospace engineering environment, especially with sophisticated components such as this, it is not sufficient to test sample batches of manufactured parts. Rather, every single part must receive a full test to certify its fitness for use in the aerospace application.

Sorensen Systems Automation Specialists

Automation specialists at Sorensen Systems worked closely with the software and electronic specialists of the testing controls company to create an integrated design that would satisfactorily simulate the temperatures, pressures and fluid flow parameters of high altitude aircraft. The electronic coolant pumps, which would be built by an international aerospace company, required a specialized mobile cart that would move the component from fabrication to testing to delivery, within the manufacturing facility.

Component Selection, Sizing, and Testing

The Sorensen Systems engineers and fabricators designed and installed the overall piping and fluid control system, which included component selection, sizing and testing. Considering the extremes of temperature and pressure, the correct hose, piping, fittings and accessories was of major concern. In addition, design consideration was given to the limitations of the assembly facility for mobility of the test equipment as well as the use of aluminum structural framing to allow strong but convenient piping and control installation. Components were selected for their durability and quality. This included the flow meters, pressure gauges, high watt power supply, custom fluid tanks and other specialized components such as a heater installation.

Sorensen Systems Collaborates with Experts

Recognizing the delivery time line, the need for specialized data acquisition and electronic controls expertise, the team at Sorensen Systems recruited an established controls company with whom it had collaborated successfully in the past. The partnering company's expertise of automated testing, data acquisition, and electronic control systems meshed seamlessly with its systems engineering, product component selection, fabrication/assembly and final testing capabilities. Other design considerations included allowing for the proper size and bending of piping in a manner which allowed a minimum of pressure drops and flow issues.

Safety Enclosures Made of Aluminum

This attention to detail permits the ease of maintenance and servicing for the future. Safety enclosures were also designed and built for the operators of the equipment. The entire machine frame was designed and built of aluminum structural material for its strength and light weight. The entire test stand was assembled at the 60,000 square foot engineering and fabrication facility in Northborough MA, which is the main headquarters of Sorensen Systems.




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