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Contrary to custom for most industrial machinery, not all equipment is painted boring battle-ship grey as was the case for hydraulic power units built by Sorensen Systems destined for Argentina


According to published requirements for one of the largest steel mills in Argentina, all hydraulic and lubrication systems are painted RAL 4003 (pink) for easy identification.


Electric motors to power the hydraulic power unit are prepared for mounting onto a skid as final assembly is accomplished at Sorensen Systems headquarters.


Manifold assemblies installed as part of the hydraulic power units were also painted "pink", not for appearance, but for safety.


Largest Steel Mill in Argentina Required
Power Units and Valve Stands in Pink

Sorensen Systems Ships to Argentina

Argentina was about to build its largest combination bar and rod mill for the production of 500,000 tons per year and Sorensen Systems was called on to build the hydraulic power units, manifolds and lubrication systems needed for the controlled temperature rolling, which was required to produce thermo-mechanically rolled rod and bar product.

High Efficiency Steel Mill

The new high-efficiency mill, which was the first reducing sizing mill in South America, was designed to roll special bar quality (SBQ) products for high-end industrial applications, including the automobile industry. The combination mill will produce products that range in size from 5.0- to 88.9-mm round, as well as squares, hexagons, flats and rebar.

International Color Standards

Unlike many other power unit installations performed by Sorensen Systems over the years, this particular application had one significant difference. The specifications called for the units to be painted in accordance with international color standards known as RAL. (Reichsausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherun). The color system was developed in Germany in 1927 and is commonly used in Europe and South America. Everyone calls it RAL because the real name is not readily pronounced.

First Time for Pink Paint

More importantly, in this case, the color specified was RAL 4003, which is commonly called Heather Violet. But, to anyone looking at the paint in the can, it looked Pink. This was the first time anyone in the paint shop could recall painting a machine Pink. So the color was ordered and the paint was applied to the first of many units. However, after it dried, the customer pointed out that it was the wrong Pink.

Plant Safety Requirement

It turns out that for reasons of plant safety, all of the machinery is carefully color coded to assist emergency personnel in identifying the types of machinery they may encounter in case of fire or other event. Some of the other colors in the plant included blue for air, green for nitrogen, and so on. And, apparently, the shade of "pink" was critical. So, the unit was painted again and all subsequent units received the required RAL 4003 Heather Violet treatment.




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