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Inside the inlet-outlet control tower for the dam is an electronic control panel controlling water going in and out of the reservoir through its pipeline system.


The hydraulic power unit for the gates was designed with the necessary valves, switches, devices and auxiliaries for a complete functional control system.


The completion of the Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir assures San Diego's residents of an effective emergency storage capacity in the event of water source interruption.


Emergency Water Supply Requires
Hydraulics for Gates and Fish Screens

With the completion of the Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir in San Diego, the residents of the region now have an Emergency Storage capacity consisting of a system of reservoirs, interconnected pipelines, and pumping stations designed to make water available to the San Diego region in the event of an interruption in imported water deliveries.

Because 90 percent of the water used by the region is imported from hundreds of miles away, a prolonged drought or earthquake damage could prevent imported water from reaching the homes and businesses of San Diego. The so-called Emergency Storage Project was designed to address that concern.

The Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir cost about $200 million, is 318 feet high, contains 1.4 million cubic yards of roller-compacted concrete, and stores 24,000 acre-feet of water, covering about 200 acres.

The inlet-outlet control tower for the dam stands higher than the top of the dam. The inlet-outlet tower controls the water going in and out of the reservoir through the pipeline, which connects to a second aqueduct. Fish screens were installed to prevent debris and fish from entering the aqueduct system. The dam, pipeline and fish screen operations are controlled by hydraulic power units and electrical control panels designed and built by Sorensen Systems.

The hydraulic power unit for the gates was designed and built with all the necessary valves, switches, devices and auxiliaries for a complete functional system to control six gates and three fish screens. The HPU and Head Tank reservoirs are constructed of 316L stainless steel, with a maximum capacity of 200 gallons each. They are equipped with a site gage, internal baffles, temperature gage and oil heater, controlled from the HPU control panel. They are also equipped with four switches to sense oil level and high oil temperature.

The HPU is equipped with two variable displacement pump/motor combinations. The motors are 460 VAC and are controlled both locally from the HPU Local Control Panel and remotely from the Main Control Panel. Failure of one pump will automatically activate the other. The HPU is also equipped with pressure switches and a pressure transducer to monitor and control system pressures. All components have been labeled with the appropriate identification number matching the schematics for easy identification.
A dam presents an obvious obstacle to migrating fish. Dams block the downstream movement of juvenile fish to the waters where they will spend their adult lives. Fish passage at dams has been a major problem for nearly as long as dams have been built. Special fish screens have been fitted to the dam and are an integral part of the dam, pipeline and aqueduct system.




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