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Tourist Footbridge
Needed a New Lift


Sorensen Systems engineers designed and installed an updated system to permit the bridge to operate efficiently from
multiple locations.

No Rapids on This
Tourist Ride in Texas


The famous San Antonio RiverWalk required a control system for the setting and monitoring of water levels and new locks at its newly expanded tourist attraction.

On Replacing Steam With Bio-Diesel


The new bio-diesel fueled locomotives on the Mount Washington Cog Railway have replaced the steam powered engines that have operated since 1869.


Motion Control Solutions Needed
For High Impact Tourist Attractions

Theme Parks, Water Parks, Theaters, and various Tourist Attractions now rely on the big movements and larger than life motion control required to entertain audiences around the world. For example, the world famous RiverWalk in San Antonio recently expanded its tourist boat ride attraction, which required the installation of a water level system to raise and lower tourist boats along its length. The historic San Antonio River has long served as the heart of the city, and each year the world-renowned River Walk draws millions of visitors. Originally built in 1938, the new expansion is part of a process to increase recreational and economic development while reclaiming the river's natural meanders and appearance.

For tourists seeking a mountain top vista without equal, the ride to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire has entertained thousands for more than 140 years. But, today, the view from the top is a bit clearer as most of the trains have been converted to burning bio-diesel instead of coal. The ride is cleaner, quicker, quieter, and it leaves more time at the top for sight-seeing before heading back to the base station. In all it's a win-win for the environment, the operator and the tourist. The newly designed engines take advantage of high-tech control systems, computer-assisted operation and modern hydraulics, all part of the new age of motion control.

Speaking of control; as a tourist, you are in control of the footbridge over Perkin's Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, when the boats want to pass under the bridge. A call up from the passing boat from its Captain sets any passerby as the gate operator. Hit the button and the footbridge lifts as a result of an electrical control and hydraulic lift system built by Sorensen Systems.




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