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Existing Water Flow
Generates Electricity


A Water-to-Wire hydroelectric system was recently installed to recover untapped potential energy from a pressurized municipal water treatment system.

On Pumping Oil
In Egypt's Desert


Technicians at Sorensen Systems built a total of four self-contained oil-pumping skids, each of which contained motorized screw pumps, lubrication systems, large diameter piping, electronic control cabinets and complete instrumentation

Blower Control
Package Smoothes
Gas Distribution


When the town of Keene, NH, decided to upgrade from a gravity fed municipal propane gas distribution to a pressurized system the logical source for help was Sorensen Systems.


Sorensen Engineered Systems Reacts to
Changing Energy Technology Demands

Renewable and non-traditional energy sources are driving big changes in the delivery of energy for our homes, cars and businesses. Generating electricity to meet rising demand has changed the approach of energy providers toward solar, wind, hydro and other non-traditional sources. Currently, there are several initiatives underway that utilize newly patented technology, to store compressed air generated by wind power for use on an adjusted demand basis.

More typically, Sorensen Systems has supported oil producers, such as the recent project that was completed in Cairo, Egypt. The customer was an oil producer looking for a turn-key pumping station solution for a new distribution channel. The requirements were complicated and the time-frame was desperately short. In fact, the customer was already late when the project came to Sorensen System's attention.

Utilizing sophisticated design/build strategies, whereby the as-built drawings were compiled on the computer, it was possible to fast-track component fabrication and assembly in a manner which brought all the pieces together at the required assembly time without any refit or redesign issues that such short horizon projects often face. The project was completed, shipped and installed by Sorensen Systems on time and on budget.

Traditional oil and gas projects such as pipelines or sophisticated renewable energy projects relying on new technologies are all part of the Sorensen Systems experience. The oil and gas demands of the region and the world will keep everyone busy for the foreseeable future. In addition, the so-called CAES (compressed air energy storage) industry is taking its technologically advanced ideas from drawing board to reality with installations in the U.S. now under construction. These new, non-fossil fuel initiatives are frequently funded by the largest of the oil companies. They know where the future lies, and it's not at the bottom of an oil well. The engineers and fabricators at Sorensen Engineered have worked on various projects based on the CAES technology and expect it to be a part of future growth.

A recent article on the US Dept. of Energy website discussed the importance of electricity to the economic and environmental future of the United States. With more than 50 percent of the electricity in the country coming from coal-fired power plants, it's hard to imagine that this fuel will soon be discarded. The low cost of coal right now is what keeps it at the forefront of energy policy questions. No one wants to pay too much for electricity.

There are several ways to go here, such as removing some of the environmental objections to the use of coal in current or future power plants. If new technologies are successful in eliminating sulfur, nitrogen and mercury pollutants released when coal is burned, there may be hope to keep it as a continuing participant in the fossil fuel energy world. Further research is underway to increase coal-plant efficiencies and it is predicted that it could double in efficiency in the next 10-15 years. If that's true, again the future for coal looks brighter.

Even though coal is king right now, natural gas is the fastest growing source of fuel for thermal power plants. As much as 90 percent of future power plant construction in the planning and discussion stage is based on the use of natural gas. Even the so-called "distributed power generators", which are mini-power plants are destined to be powered by natural gas. The gas-fired turbines in today's modern power plant is what most of the future looks like, particularly for regions such as New England.

And finally, there is a role to play for new technologies for storage of energy and transmission of energy that will contribute to energy efficiency of the electric industry. Whether its superconducting materials or compressed air storage, there are technologies about to be released that will have a positive impact on electric rates.




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