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Docking the Yacht
Was Never Easier


When it's time to bring the ship into the dock, it's as easy as a flick of a button to enter "docking" mode and using fingertip control, maneuver into the slip
with ease.

Boat Builders in New England Always
Turn to Sorensen Engineered Systems

From marine engine or vessel systems, to fuel and fluid conditioning, to shipyards and service shops at the lake or on the sea, our expertise with marine solutions for boat builders is unmatched along the 6,000 miles of New England coastline. Whether it is a major US Navy overhaul, an ocean-going Tug, or your Aunt Millie's day cruiser, we have the marine components and systems to keep marine vessels safely and economically afloat.

Featuring marine products from leading manufacturers, our engineers can solve the design, fabrication and installation requirements to meet the most stringent motion and control demands in the marine environment. Our range of products includes:

  • Thruster systems
  • Lifting systems
  • Deck machinery
  • Handling systems
  • Maneuvering systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • Refrigeration

Motion Control Solutions

There is a wide range of opportunity in New England to bring motion and control solutions to the marine industry. For example, boat manufacturers rely on hydraulics for lifeboat davits, which permits smooth lowering with precise control. That is the essence of motion and control. Move it – but move it with control. Even something as simple as a hatch cover requires a well-designed system such as actuators to provide precise control.

Sorensen Systems has expanded its presence in the marine market tenfold over the past 20 years, mostly through innovation in system design and fabrication. One yacht manufacturer relies on it for steering, propulsion and system monitoring solutions for many of its various product lines. Another marine customer turns to us for filtration and hydraulic solutions for its commercial boats.

In one recent case, working directly with a national component maker, a custom part was designed and manufactured for a luxury yacht manufacturer, to add an important fuel saving feature to its latest line of luxury boats. The feature adds value to the product and assures its continued leadership in the yacht industry. Together, the yacht builder and Sorensen Systems identified an opportunity and created a solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of marine customers.

Another example is luxury yacht owners today have the opportunity to retrofit their steering system with a water jet system controlled by a proprietary joystick package engineered by Sorensen Systems, which provides boat owners remarkable fingertip steering control.

The Marine manufacturing sectors have transitioned over recent years as the influence of labor cost-savings from overseas competitors has increased the competition for its products. Even though the Boat Building industry still maintains a net-exporter advantage over European and Asian producers, the competition has driven Marine manufacturers to adopt Lean Manufacturing, Just-in-Time delivery, and Supply Chain Management strategies, which we provide, to maintain their competitive edge.




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