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Spartanburg Water Treatment Plant


Sorensen Systems designed and built turbine control panels and balance of plant control panels as part of the Spartanburg Water Treatment improvement project.

Turbine Generator
Upgrade for Boston


Sorensen Systems upgraded and refurbished the two 1.6 MW generators at the MWRA Cosgrove intake facility in Clinton, Massachusetts.

Hydroelectric Plant
Requires Innovation


Sorensen Systems Project Manager, Rick Ricci, sets the Turbine Control at 22 mgd for optimum operation at the newly installed MWRA hydroelectric plant.


Micro Hydro Plant Operators Turn
To Sorensen Systems for Solutions

The Sorensen Governor brand assures hydro plant operators that new installations, refurbishment projects and station automation will be successful. Since Sorensen Systems was incorporated into THG Corporation over 30 years ago, the reputation for Sorensen Governor in the Micro Hydro design/build world has continued to grow. With installations throughout the country and Canada, it has developed an extensive list of successful station automation, governor conversion, and complete turbine rebuilds.

Sorensen Systems is a leader in the design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic governors, gate operating systems, and hydraulic lubrication and bearing cooling units for the power generation, municipal and waste-water industries. Sorensen Governor's experience includes applications ranging from turbine speed control to water level management. Some examples include:

  • High and low pressure electro-hydraulic conversion systems
  • Remote gate positioning systems
  • Ball valve, butterfly valve and fixed cone operating assemblies systems
  • Turbine lubrication and cooling systems
  • Crest, slide and roller gate control systems
  • Gas/steam turbine combined cycle diverter systems
  • Electro-hydraulic governor control systems

In Orange County, California, a seismic-rated concrete tower was erected as a replacement for a smaller tower, which required the power of hydraulics to open and close giant butterfly valves and roller gates to allow water to flow through the many huge underground tunnels that feed the county. Sorensen Systems was engaged to supply the technical expertise, as well as the rotary actuators, gear pumps, pressure filters, accumulators, directional control valves, relief valves, check valves, ball valves, and electrical control systems for the massive project.

The redesign and rebuild was dictated by local concerns that the existing system would not survive possible earthquake damage. Part of the system involved roller gates, measuring 12 feet by 15 feet and weighing as much as 45 tons each, all opened and closed by actuation of a group of hydraulic cylinders. Sorensen Systems had to pass a stringent qualification process before it could work on the project.




Sorensen Systems

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