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Sorensen Systems Spans Power Generation
From Hydroelectric to Renewable Energy

Northborough MA (08-05-2012) - With over 30 years of experience designing and installing hydroelectric plants the Sorensen Governor brand is well known and respected in the USA. More recently, Sorensen Systems has successfully entered the more traditional fossil fuel and combined cycle power plant market, as well as, bridging its competencies in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical control systems for the renewable energy field too. With its background in Water-to-Wire well established, the company is now becoming equally well known for its roll in bio-mass, fossil fuel, nuclear, and compressed air storage technologies.

According to Mark Ferland, President of Sorensen Systems, energy customers represent a growing percentage of component, system and engineering sales for the company. "It's not that we haven't been in the energy or power generation business up to now, because, we have – and in a big way. But, our emphasis has been on the hydro side of power generation. Today, the growing trend is the MRO support of traditional thermal power generation, in addition to the growth we are seeing in the renewable energy field, such as small and micro hydro," said Mark.

An overall estimate based on sales to date this fiscal year puts energy related revenue at about 10 percent overall. Considering the other important markets served by THG Corporation subsidiaries, such as semiconductor, this could put power generation at number one by year's end according to CEO Carey D. Rhoten. "It's become more obvious in recent years that the continuing demand for energy in the region and throughout the country means that industrial solutions will be in constant demand," said Carey. "We want to position ourselves to take advantage of this strong market and become a leader along with our partner, Parker, in tapping this growing marketplace," added Carey.

The three subsidiaries of THG Corporation, The Hope Group, Sorensen Systems, and Hope Air Systems, all bring component, system and engineering opportunities relating to power generation. There are no power plants in the country that don't need air compressors, hose, fittings, valves, electrical and electronic control systems, and engineered solutions. Together, the three subsidiaries have marked out a strategy to bring the products and services of the THG Corporation where it's needed most going forward: the hydro and thermal power generation market of New England.

The THG Corporation, of which Sorensen Systems is a subsidiary, has nearly 80 years of successful operation in New England with a primary focus on the engineered solutions for manufacturers including hydraulic, pneumatic, automation, fluid connector, and sealing technology. The corporation operates from seven locations in four states in New England. Sorensen Systems serves as the engineering, manufacturing and installation arm of the corporation for all its subsidiaries.





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